Tuesday, June 16, 2015

You are now trying to characterize people I know personally. And I reject your analysis completely. You didn't check that Occupy Bangkok was armed, financed, guarded and fully supported by the Thai Military? And that your narrative regarding Thailand matches exactly the two ultra-right wing Thai TV stations owned by the Thai military?. Let me repeat in case it's not registering. Your narrative regarding Thailand and the Shiniwatras matches ~those~ ultra-right wing military media outlets exactly. Word for word, concept for concept.

Matches exactly the narrative produced by slavers, assassins, torturers, rapists, sex traffickers and child abusers. These are not in any way "indigenous elites" that you, an elitist, successfully sought to foist over the democratically elected Shiniwatras. Elected by the largest margins in history. Hey. I'm not saying you personally are a fascist, Mr. Draitser, or that you willfully meant to do it, but your analysis in regard to what you are and have been saying, your position here, matches the fascist military one nearly identically. The fact that this unfortunate coincidence over the passage of time never occurred to you, or maybe wasn't ever of any concern to you, or that now, 1+ years later, you'd never even bothered to go back to re-evaluate what happened in relation to your positions and assertions. Or perhaps you want to double down on all you said right now?
My guess is you'll just continue to pretend, like everyone else in your reviled corporate media that by your analysis I am perforce to hate, that the very guy who led to your Thai Military-sponsored Occupy Bangkok astro-turf "movement" (who also incidentally has crimes against humanity charges against him for killing his own people) Mr. Suthep, didn't admit in public on the record that the military was 100% behind the so-called Occupy BKK movement? The the military had birthed it, financed it, planned it for years, armed it and protected it? No? Doesn't register? It's on the record. Even the US record. For any who care to look. http://time.com/2910484/thai-coup-planned-2010-suthep-thaugsuban/ (This page, among thousands of others, is now blocked by your quote 'indigenous' supposed non-corporate whores in Thailand)

But I'm sure that kind nuanced analysis doesn't fit with sweeping hysterical pronouncements about things like Shiniwatra's "privatization of natural resources" - which, incidentally, as I am sure you missed it, like everything else, the private robbery of public resources has been exponentially greased, upped and fully facilitated by a pro-corporate-on-steroids neo-liberal fascist junta which no longer takes bids, no longer holds public oversight hearings, nor asks for environmental or sustainability studies, nor asks for any private accountability from corporations or business whatsoever. End of story. They know who they work for. They know exactly who the coup was for. They'll even send armed military patrols to guard private mining companies, and hire mercenaries to attack, abduct or harass local resistance.
All that's on the record over the past 13 months. Your analysis is not working for the people on the ground.

You have now successfully killed your mythical globalist Dr. Evil boogey man, Thaksin, (who now on the record supports your coup!) and his sister (who, incidentally, according to your narrative is not actually a functional human woman but a robot), only to have the identical program you vehemently opposed made a grotesque reality, a horrifying actuality enlarged and expanded by the very soldiers who, at your behest, ran out Thaksin and his sister.
Appalling. And since the coup, NO resources have been nationalized. None. (which, as I recall, was a rather overarching concern of your camp). No public resources have been protected. None. They're running homeless people off public land. Today. Everything~ has been privatized. All of it. Exactly along the lines of Pinochet, Franco or Suharto. It's a corporate dream world. There even is now a plan to abolish the minimum wage which should be fine by the slavers, which, coincidentally, you know, sadly enough in all this are your analytical and rhetorical doppelgangers.

So regarding number one. I'd have to say your assertions matched the Thai military's -exactly-. Coincident or not. Which might be of some concern to anyone with a conscience or concern for "indigenous" self determination, or the welfare of disenfranchised poor people. But apparently not you. With an analysis on the record here and elsewhere as utterly fallacious, impoverished, if not completely misleading. And flat wrong regarding Thaksin and Thai people. And so done in public, with references. --

#2 is an utter simplification. Serves to mock up your long held and rather tedious 'Thaksin as Dr. Evil' thesis. Turns out there are a lot of doctors much eviler than Thaksin.
How about your other lovely Thai Carlyle ghouls, who, according to your logic, should be demonized for "serving" the Bushes? Mr. Dhanin Chearavanon and Mr. Anand Panyarachun? Who are they? You don't have a clue who they are, or their relation to Carlyle, or their dealings with hard-core right wing, or their obsession with seizing power from Thaksin? Why the deafening silence on them? And the overarching concern for Thaksin, Thaksin and Only Thaksin? Or is Thailand and the international influences on it actually, kind of really not your subject?

Do you have a clue why Thaksin was elected in the first place? DO you have any clue at all why Thaksin was re-elected again? Do you have a clue in hell why his sister was elected a third time?

A 3-fer clean sweep, and all you can talk about is how stupid the Thai voters are for putting them in office again and again.
This is counterpunch? This is unbelievable. According to your logic, Dr. Evil should have all but annihilated the country and bled it dry 15 years ago. Instead what happened? These are figures you should already know, and if not why not since you received them exactly a little over 1 year ago, now presented here for those unaware of them.

-Thai GDP grew from 4.9 trillion baht in 2001 to 7.1 trillion baht in 2006. 40% increase.

- Thailand repaid its debts to the International Monetary Fund two years ahead of schedule.

- Income in the Northeast, the poorest part of the country, rose by 46% from 2001-06.

-Nationwide poverty fell from 21.3% to 11.3%.

-Thailand's GINI coefficient, a measure of income inequality, fell from .525 in 2000 to .499 in 2004.

-The Stock Exchange of Thailand outperformed other markets in the region.

- After facing fiscal deficits in 2001 and 2002, Thaksin balanced the national budget, producing fiscal surpluses for 2003 to 2005...

- Public sector debt fell from 57 per cent of GDP in January 2001 to 41 per cent in September 2006.

- Foreign exchange reserves doubled from US$30 billion in 2001 to US$64 billion in 2006.

-First ever national health coverage with 30 baht ($1) co-pay.

This is the first time practically any of this developed in Thai history Somebody is stupid, but probably not the Thai voters. Who you in all generosity call "duped".

What clueless idiots are going to vote again and again and again for those kinds of results when the alternative is a collapsing fascist sewer? Didn't they listen to Counterpunch? Don't they realize that Thaksin was a bush-tool and a corporate whore? Hahah. Didn't they realize that rich, over-privileged, white western genocidal, cultural imperialist, colonial thieves living on stolen indigenous North American territory, know precisely what is best for poor people 1/2 a world away? And know that they should hate those economic numbers and Thaksin simply because he's, according to you, a corporate sh*tbag??

Or were those numbers completely missing from your one and only bible on Thailand, Mr. Chris Baker's book? Here. I ran your schtick from this place and previous past a noted scholar on Thailand who shall remain nameless in the interest of not being associated in any way with people who begin any of their writings with "silly comment" : Quote:

"Like you said, this guy really knows nothing about Thailand. How on earth can the guy omit the 1997-98 Southeast Asian economic crisis and how the Democratic Party under the tutelage of Chuan Leekpai, put the country "under IMF", without so much as a second thought on the social and political consequences on Thai society. How he knows nothing about the long term conflict between the centre and the periphery, the capitalist development of Thailand, the things that he talks about - but only after 2001. That is the beginning of time in Thailand for this guy. But see, that would demand delving into the history and details, which are endless but which these geopolitical guys do not bother with."

That's you buddy. The host of the auspicious counterpunch podcast.

I know the lines by heart, Mr. Draitser. Come at us again with your precious Mass Murder at Tak Bai. I know you are dying to... Who actually pulled the triggers on the ground, please? Would it be the same fascists you supported to railroad the Thai working class into hell?

I wish you and your sponsors the best of luck. And for your CP listeners? Nothing but pity..